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Preserve Himalayan Culture and Traditions

Mr. Arun Saraf’s Mission Statement: “I am alarmed and concerned about the rapid disappearance of traces of the city and environment of Kathmandu as we all remember. As a result of the rapid urbanization and change in the political and social structure of the Kathmandu Valley, a lot is not only being lost physically from the historic cities. Even the memory of it will be lost within short. My wife Namita and I think that it is of utmost importance that we need to preserve the work done by these extraordinary individuals – scholars from the field of anthropology, architects, artists, photographers. The planned documentation centre at the premises of the former Taragaon Hotel (designed by Carl Pruscha in 1971) will be set up to honour them for their contribution in understanding of Kathmandu and its culture as well as other regions of Nepal.”


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