The Nepal Architecture Archive (NAA), announced in November 2016, is representative of Arun and Namita Saraf’s dedication to the preservation of the Kathmandu Valley’s artistic cultural heritage. This centre is located in the Hyatt Hotel and houses architectural drawings, sketches, photographs, diary entries, census data, limited edition posters, manuscripts and maps, all referring to historical areas within the Himalayan region, specifically Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. This space is devoted to the safekeeping of the works of anthropologists, architects, photographers and artists who came to Nepal after the 1950s to research and document Nepali art and culture. This archive is the first of its kind to focus solely on the cultural heritage of the Himalayan region.

The Foundation is working to archive all of its existing exhibits, as well as all new materials that it collects. All materials will be digitally scanned and in the future, will be available online as research tools open to the public. All copyright material will be marked and handled as per international copyright standards. All of the original documents will remain in the Nepal Architecture Archive, which can now be accessed upon request.

The Foundation will continue to work with expatriates. Donation of such documents and archiving materials would be accepted by the Foundation and greatly appreciated.