The Foundation has been supporting the publishing of various books and research material from a variety of authors who are actively studying and researching the traditions and cultures of Nepal.

Until now the Foundation has published the following books:

  1. The Fifth Seal, Rolk A. Kluenter collection, 1998
  2. The Uncountable Objects, Rolk A. Kluenter collection, 2000
  3. The Kathmandu Valley, Niels Gutschow, 2012
  4. Mapping the Kathmandu Valley, Niels Gutschow, 2013
  5. Towers in Stone, Bijay Basukala, Niels Gutschow, Kishor Kayastha, 2014
  6. History of the Kings of Nepal – A Buddhist Chronicle, Niels Gutschow, Axel Michaels, Manik Bajracharya, 2015