In 1972, Carl Pruscha, an Austrian architect, designed and built the Taragaon Next in Boudha, Kathmandu, primarily as a hostel for women.

In 2011, Arun Saraf formalized the restoration of this structure by inviting Carl Pruscha back into the space, in order to rethink (and design) Taragaon in the present, transforming it into a center of knowledge, culture, art and collaborative pedagogy.

With this dynamic vision, in the late 1990s, Arun Saraf began working towards restoration by facilitating a public-private partnership for the development of the Taragaon Hotel. He was further encouraged in this endeavor by the Board of Taragaon Regency Hotels Ltd.

Next, Carl Pruscha, the designer of this structure, was once again invited to conduct a detailed inspection and to recommend approaches for its inevitable restoration. This project was spearheaded by Natasha Saraf under the guidance of Neils Gutschow, Gotz Hagmuller, and Thomas Schrom.

Eventually, the former hostel was rediscovered as Taragaon Museum in 2014, opening its doors to the public with a tremendous exhibition curated by Neils Gutschow and Thomas Schrom, comprising 90 works by 23 scholars and contributors across the globe.

Today, the Taragaon Hostel – once a residence for travellers from all over the world – has been transformed into Taragaon Next, a space for documentation, research, museology and conservation in the fields of architecture, Nepal’s rich history, and the intangible heritage across the Himalayan terrain. Moreover,Taragaon Next is a platform for artists, writers, photographers, architects, anthropologists, and cartographers committed to both ecology and material history.

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