At the Saraf Foundation, literary and research texts remain a key focus – we have supported the publication of various books that actively cover the traditions and cultures of Nepal and the Himalayan terrain. We continue to encourage academics, scholars, and writers in their work – especially those with limited resources and support – as publishing relevant research remains our primary objective.

Till date, we have supported the following publications:

The Fifth Seal

Rolk A. Kluenter collection, 1998

The Uncountable Objects

Rolk A. Kluenter collection, 2000

The Kathmandu Valley

Niels Gutschow, 2012

Mapping the Kathmandu Valley

Niels Gutschow, 2013

Towers in Stone

Bijay Basukala, Niels Gutschow, Kishor Kayastha, 2014

History of the Kings of Nepal – A Buddhist Chronicle

Niels Gutschow, Axel Michaels, Manik Bajracharya, 2015

Ratna style Temples with an Ambulatory

Dr. Becker Ritterspach, 2016.

Portal of Newar Architecture

Niels Gutschow, 2016.

Pashupati Ksetra

Niels Gutschow, 2016.

Bhaktapur-Nepal, Urban Space and Rituals


Thimi Survey

Mohan Pant, 2018


Niels Gutschow, 2019

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