Taragaon Next

An interdisciplinary forum designed to facilitate collaborative projects – events, exhibitions, lectures, critical debate, art residencies, museology – across different fields and geographies.

At Taragaon Next, artists, architects, scholars, practitioners, musicians, students, curators, activists, and locals come together to forge a space for collective thought and creative pedagogy.

Open Spaces

A green space with architectural marvel to relax, unwind, and think.


An artisan local restaurant.


A bookstore with an upcycling design shop.


Our permanent archival collection takes a dynamic and contemporary approach with periodic interventions by artists and curators that encourage viewers to return and discover anew.


A space to explore, exhibit, and inspire creative collaborations and ideas.


Designated spaces for exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, music, seminars, and lectures.


With a capacity of 150 people, our open air amphitheater is an idyllic space with great acoustics for musical events, performances and talk shows. 

Book your space

We have incredible spaces that are the perfect venue to host book launches, curated shows, or private events including workshops and conferences.

Please reach out to us to make the most of our interactive space at Taragaon NEXT.

Residency Program

We are now offering Residency programs to interested artists, scholars and researchers who seek to explore projects related to our evolving city, and its interactions with the environment.

Please write to us with your project brief with the subject:

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